martes, 5 de junio de 2012


número uno de este nuevo cómic

Este mes de julio inicia su andadura, en USA, Revival. Un cómic que, desde el medio rural de Wisconsin, nos va a mostrar una historia de terror, zombis y canibalismo que tiene bastante buena pinta.

For one day, in one rural community in Wisconsin, the dead returned to life. And not just to life but to their lives as well. Rather than being mindless zombies, the "revived" in the new Image Comics series REVIVAL by Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH) and Mike Norton (Runaways, Battlepug), seem to be the same people they were before death.

That impression gets put to the test when a murder is discovered and everyone — living and dead — is a suspect. With Wausau quarantined and under government surveillance after the revival and strange sightings of something otherworldly in the woods, isolation and fear will begin to take their toll on the close-knit town.

Para ir abriendo boca en el número 99 de The Walking Dead se va a incluir un avance de este cómic. No sé si en la versión española lo incluirán, pero no estaría mal.

número dos de Revival

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